• TICK.DESIGN成立於2015年,致力創造具新鮮感的視覺體驗,為客戶度身訂造獨一無二的設計。客戶橫跨各行各業,包括國際連鎖品牌、奢華品牌、珠寶品牌、餐飲企業、藝術店鋪、社會團體等。

  • 我們將為各式案例進行品牌分析,市場評估,發掘品牌核心精神,進而執行設計項目。針對性的專屬設計策劃,讓品牌的創意執行更加精確,賦予品牌個性,提升品牌價值,萃取出獨特的魅力與創意。
  • TICK.DESIGN was established in 2015. We strive to create inspiring visual experience and one-of-a-kind design for clients. Our clients come from various industries, ranging from international franchise brand, luxury brand, jewellery, to F&B, art and organizations.

  • We provide brand analysis and market evaluation for varied design cases, discovering core brand spirit, and executing design project. Our tailor made design plan will leverage the accuracy of the brand's creativity execution and enhance brand personality, with unique attractiveness and creativeness.

  • 服務項目:
    品牌形象設計 / 包裝設計 / 商標設計 / 海報設計 / 活動及展覽設計 / 插畫 / 字體設計 / 網頁視覺設計 / 書籍設計 / 產品設計
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  • Service Items:
    Branding / Packaging Design / Logo Design / Poster Design / Event And Exhibition Design / Illustration / Typography Design / Website Visual Design / Book Design / Product Design

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