2018 HKMO - 雙城映趣 月曆

2018 HKMO - Delight in the Twin Cities Calendar

TICK.DESIGN與澳門插畫師協會、香港插畫師協會、滙洋印刷(Wide Ocean Printing)、友邦洋紙(Polytrade Paper)一起合作的項目 😊😊✨
把兩地插畫師們的作品加上特殊印刷工藝,結合成一份精美月曆,分別設有掛曆和枱曆 👍🏻✨



2018 "HKMO - Delight in the Twin Cities" Calendar
is a collaborative project that TICK.DESIGN collaborated with the Macao Illustrators Association, Hong Kong Society of Illustrators, Wide Ocean Printing and Polytrade Paper. 😊😊✨
Featuring the illustrators' artworks from both cities with special printing techniques, We combine them into a beautiful calendar set with the hanging calendar and the desk calendar. 👍🏻✨

The main visual image is composed of HKMO's typography design, which stands tall like a towering building, and coupled with the sun and the mountain scenery, implying "twin cities".
The image surface is divided by different color planes,
suggesting that illustrators have distinctive styles.
Each month's numbers also have typography design, matching the overall image of the calendar.

Illustrators: Macao Illustrators Association & Hong Kong Society of Illustrators

Printing: Wide Ocean Printing

Paper: Polytrade Paper