"Star River · Windsor Arch"

Chinese New Year Gift Set


「星河灣.名門世家」新年禮盒的設計概念來自其特色建築設計 - 和諧之門,豎立在主庭正中,雄偉壯觀,極具華麗氣勢。將這一特色貫穿整個禮盒的設計,傳達名門世家的獨特氣息。新年禮盒為尊貴的客人而設,包括台曆和新年利是封。台曆的12個月份均來自和諧之門中富神話色彩的元素,演變出萬花筒般的花紋和圖案,代表宇宙萬物共生共榮。新年利是封設計以牡丹為主花,用色繽紛時尚,帶來花開富貴的祝福。

"Star River · Windsor Arch" Chinese New Year Gift Set's design concept is from its signature architecture - The Harmony Gate, erected magnificently in the middle of the main court. The characteristics are embedded in the Chinese New Year Gift Sets, conveying the uniqueness of Windsor Arch. The gift sets are designed for distinguished guests, including the calendar and the lucky pockets. The kaleidoscopic patterns of the 12 months in the calendar are evolved from the mythic elements in The Harmony Gate, representing the symbiotic coexistence of all things in the universe. The Chinese New Year lucky pockets are designed to use the peony as the main flower, rich in color, bringing abundant joy and prosperity to everyone.