Wanderland Macau

Wanderland Macau活動,帶你重新發現近在咫尺的夢幻世界。 以經典華麗的黑白色調,優雅精緻的手繪風格圖案,呈現出歐式夢幻浪漫風格。

帶上Wanderer's Logbook,前往本澳多個尋寶地點,將會得到新的奬賞,探索旅途中會遇到各種各樣的驚喜,完成旅程更有機會獲得豐富的禮物!

Wanderland Macau campaign - Let youself wander in the world of discovery, adventure, and imagination. With the classic gorgeous black-and-white tones, as well as elegant exquisite hand-painted style, presenting the European fantastic romance.

Bring the Wanderer's Logbook, discover new rewards in multiple treasure places in Macau.
While exploring the journey, you will encounter a variety of surprises. When completing the journey, you will have opportunities to get rich gifts!